Your Change. Their Future

£3 a month goes a long way to help Hertfordshire families

Many of the families we support were already struggling with mental health, isolation and anxiety, and we have seen some of them pushed to absolute breaking point. 

Our real concern now is about what is happening during lockdown; we know there are families who will have silently fallen apart behind closed doors, we also know that lockdown has contributed to a rise in domestic abuse with victims unable to escape their abuser. 

Parents who were going through a pregnancy and who gave birth during lockdown have found this to be an incredibly difficult time. Many have experienced the lack of family support and felt that the changes from COVID-19 had an effect on their child or unborn baby. There is also growing concern in the rise of post-partum depression in both parents. Read the full report here: 

With your help, we can make sure we are there for these families and children as the full impact of this situation unravels. This is not a quick fix and will take time. 

If during lockdown, you have saved money on going out, travel costs, hair appointments etc. we are asking you to consider making a regular donation of just £3 per month to help those families and children to build their lives back up.

Sandwich for lunch
Coffee/Tea on-the-go
Eating out
Drinks in your local
Beauty treatments
Hair cuts
Commuting fares