Update: Spring 2020 Appeal raises £31,000

Update: Spring 2020 Appeal raises £31,000

Fundraising for all charities is a challenge at the best of times and at Home-Start Hertfordshire we rely on the revenue generated from our public events to boost our revenue. People have sky-dived, participated in the Pancake Race, cycled, attended quizzes and enjoyed a Murder Mystery Evening, digging deep in their pockets to support the charity.

However, with social distancing we have been forced to postpone many of the initiatives we have planned for 2020 which bring in much needed funds. As a result, we launched an appeal on March 23rd.

We are delighted to announce that this appeal has raised £31,000 so far, which is more than half the target of £50,000. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of so many – thank you! Your contributions make a real difference to the 244 vulnerable families we are continuing to support by telephone and online during these turbulent times.

Donations make a real difference to 244 families

Here are just three of the many messages of thanks we have received over the past few weeks.

“I feel safer knowing someone was thinking about me and checking-in”.

Mother of five, with one child who has regular lung and respiratory infections, who is concerned about how this condition would be managed in the event he developed Covid-19.

“I lay awake at night worrying about who will help look after my children if I’m ill. Having a volunteer really helps as I know that I can get help if that was to happen and speaking to another adult helps me stay calm.”

Mother of two who suffered with anxiety and depression for a long time and is fearful to leave the house as she is on her own.

One of our Family Group mums was relieved when she was told she’d be getting a weekly phone call. She said:

“That’s amazing, it will be nice to hear a friendly voice and to have a chat”

Our volunteers report frequently on how the families are coping so we know that their hard work is helping to alleviate their problems in these stressful times.

Thank you for supporting us so we can support vulnerable families.