TBC Charity Video

TBC Charity Video

Iconic dance scenes from 70s and 80s movies all in aid of

Home-Start Herts and The Pioneer Club – with Arlene Phillips


The Businesses Community have done it again!!!!

We are absolutely thrilled to have taken part in a brilliantly inspiring film, celebrating 8 snippets of famous dance scenes from iconic 70s and 80s movies. The initiative was instigated by The Businesses Community (TBC) to raise much needed funds for Home-Start Hertfordshire and The Pioneer Club.

Back in 2017, TBC had the fabulous idea to replicate Justin Timberlake’s “You Can’t Stop The Feeing” video with local businesses. It received 217k views, was nominated for a BAFTA (made it to the final 6) and raised lots of money for Home-Start Herts.

This year, the fabulous film features John Travolta in Greased Lightning and Staying Alive, Kevin Bacon in Footloose and Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing! It also includes Fame, Flash Dance, The Blues Bros. and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with “Twist & Shout” by The Beatles.

Dame Arlene Phillips DBE kindly supports the film; an advocate of dance for mental and physical health and bringing people together. We also appreciate the support of the headline sponsor, Skechers and the exceptional production team from Yellow Lizard Media.

If you enjoy the video, please donate whatever you can via the donation page here – The Businesses Community (TBC) are fundraising for Pioneer Club St. Albans CIC and Home-Start Hertfordshire | Give as you Live Donate

Every single penny will make a huge difference to Home-Start Herts and The Pioneer Club.